The patient counseling – supporting patient rights

The patient counseling – supporting patient rights

The patient counseling assists clients in matters related to patient rights! The service is available starting from January 1st, 2024, replacing the discontinued patient ombudsman service. Patient counseling does not replace the statutory service of the wellbeing service county but complements it.

How does the counseling work?
The counseling is provided by the lawyer Juhani Saarinen from Rehabilitation Entrepreneurs. You can contact Juhani by sending your questions via email ( or by calling 050 324 0740.

Who is advised in patient counseling?
The counseling is aimed at both patients and entrepreneurs and employees of rehabilitation companies in matters related to patient rights.

What topics can I inquire about?
The patient counseling service provides guidance on matters concerning the patient’s rights. You can contact the service if you have questions about, for example:

  • Patient safety and patient injuries
  • Risk of mistreatment of the patient
  • Questions related to the right to self-determination
  • Obtaining and correcting patient information

Is the counseling service free of charge?
The service is free of charge for clients of rehabilitation companies.